Thursday, September 22, 2005

For my own safety

Handcuffs. Fetters. Shackles.
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"Why don't I wear a seat belt when I am driving a taxi... I'll tell you for why. For my own safety.

I will start wearing a seat belt when every passenger in the back seat is wearing handcuffs. It is only whores and crooks and drunks that ride taxis after midnight. Descent people are in bed, and I should be too, but somebody has to drive the night shift. Somebody has to take the money off them, so it might as well be me... besides night time driving costs the whores and drunks more... anybody moving about after midnight should pay double what you pay for anything during the day time... and I make sure they pay, either from their pocket, or from the blood of their nose.

At night time safety belts are the most dangerous thing ever invented, that is if you strap yourself into the front seat of a taxi after midnight.

Drunk in a ditch

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"You see someone dead drunk in a ditch... just drive on by... don't stop, just look through your fingers and drive on. You stop and you know what happens? There will be questions, and that takes up your time and time is money, so just drive on by. If you do stop it could be for a dead man and then there will be lots of questions... your arse will be on the line for investigation... what did you see and when did it happen, and it will eat into your time and you won't get paid a cent for any of the questions you answer... and then there will be a court case and more questions and more lost time... just drive on by... time is money, and nobody will pay you for being helpful... and the next thing you know you will be driving along and the police will point his speed gun at you and pull you over, and you will be fined. No use reminding them that you once helped them out with the dead drunk in the ditch, they have a short memory when it comes to slapping a ticket on your arse for speeding.

My advice to you is just drive on... let someone else be the good samaritan